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Intuitive interface


Gets the job done fairly quickly


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Multiple pricing options - flexible monthly or lifetime 

SUMMARY: Keysearch is my current go-to keyword research tool. I took the plunge and bought the lifetime license. I use it in conjunction with Long Tail Pro kwfinder for competitiveness analysis (An in-depth comparison on the top 3 keyword research tools here). In this review, I will show you behind the scenes of how I use it to do all my research, link analysis and rank tracking. Keep on reading and see if this tool lives up to the hype.

FREE ​5 research and 50 difficulty analysis credits


Keysearch Review - What is Keysearch

Keysearch is one of the latest cloud based tools developed by Dan from the original FCS networker team. My first impression is that is has a very clean and intuitive interface. As you can see from the image below, you can run keyword research on the left and competition analysis on the right. The competition analysis data looks similar to Market Samurai, which used to be my favorite tool.

Keysearch Interface

Clean and intuitive interface

In this keysearch review I'm going to talk about the five main functions and features of this cloud based application as well as its pros and cons.

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Link Analysis
  3. Rank Tracker
  4. YouTube Research (Beta)
  5. API/Reporting​

Keyword Research

The speed is very fast and it only takes a few seconds to complete the task for one seed keyword. You can even look up multiple keywords at once. There are several sources you can choose to pull the data from and each of them are good for different purposes, be it looking for high search volume kw or long tail.

  • ​Keyword Planner
  • Google Suggest
  • Bing Suggest
  • Youtube Suggest
  • Competitors Keywords
  • Other Ad Networks

Keyword Planner - This is the same as what you would get with the normal google Keyword Planner tool. It shows you the most complete data with high search volume keywords.

Google, Bing, Yahoo Suggest - These are useful for long tail keywords.

Competitors Keywords - This is a very handy option as it will go and find keywords that the current domain is already ranking for. Just type in your competitor's URL and find out what other profitable ones that you can target too.

Other Ad Networks - Use this to do additional research through other ad networks such as 7 search.

Other than that, you can choose to import your own list or Keyword Planner CSV.

List of Features

There are other functions that you can use to conduct a better keyword research.

  • ​Keyword Competition Score
  • Bulk Difficulty Checker
  • Deep Analysis
  • Keyword Comparison
  • Keysearch History
  • Filter
  • Exact Domain Check

Keyword Competition Score - Another great feature of the tool is the Competition Score. It is similar to KC of long tail pro, which uses their own algorithm to determine the competitiveness. Just click the check button and it will show you the score in just 2-3 seconds.

Bulk Difficulty Checker - It's even better with the bulk difficulty checker. Simply copy and paste a list of keywords and you can have a quick glance to see which keywords are worth pursuing. 

Deep Analysis - You can do further analysis for a promising keyword by clicking on the Deep Analysis button. It will fetch more data for that specific keyword, which includes TF, CF, Alexa, Age, Social Media stats and LSI keywords.

Keysearch Deep Analysis

Additional Data

Keyword Comparison - You can also​ select multiple keywords and compare them. 

Keysearch History - Once you have done with the research, you can either save it to a new list for later use or export it to CSV/PDF. The rest of the history will be stored for 7 days only.

Filter - I find it very useful especially when I want to filter keywords that contain a specific word that I would like to target.

Keysearch Filter

Neat feature that saves a lot of time

Exact Domain Check - This is useful if you still want to scout for EMD.

One thing I noticed is that some keywords already had their KC score checked out so you don't have to waste your credit to run the KC score again. I believe it's because of the cloud based service that saves up recent searches by all users.

FREE ​5 research and 50 difficulty analysis credits

Link Analysis

This feature is a great addition to the tool. Link analysis consists of 2 functions - Backlink Checker and URL Metrics. It allows you to do link analysis by using mozscape API to pull intelligent metrics such as Page Authority, Domain Authority, Moz Rank, Domain Rank, Unique Links and Auth Links.

Keysearch Link Analysis Backlink Checker

It shows important metrics

The URL Metrics allows you to do bulk checking on a list of URLs, which is handy to have a quick glance over your competitors. Again you can use the filter function to sort out important metrics.

Keysearch Link Analysis URL Metrics

Quick glance over competitors metrics

Rank Tracker

I didn't expect a rank tracking feature for this tool so it's another nice addition. It starts to keep track of your ranking as soon as you entered the URL and keyword.

As far as I can tell, it will refresh the ranking everyday or you can simply click on the re-check button to refresh it manually, probably once a day too. For now, it only tracks Google search engine and you can keep track between 20 - 100 keywords depends on the plan you choose.

Keysearch Rank Tracker

Main interface of rank tracker

It has a notification tab that allows you to set rules to trigger a notification to be sent to your email address, which is quite useful if you want to know if your rankings have a big boost or drop.

Keysearch Rank Tracker Notifications

Notifications tab to set trigger rules

Lastly, you can create reports to share or just to keep records of your ranking data. It's useful if you want to generate a report for client or for your own use.

Keysearch Rank Tracker Reports

Choose your report options

YouTube Research - Beta

This is a newly added feature on 1st April. It's similar to the regular research section. It does keyword research, difficulty scores and competition analysis for YouTube. I'm not sure how effective it is but here's a screenshot of the interface:

Keysearch Youtube Research

YouTube Research Main Interface

Deep Analysis doesn't give you much extra info except the LSI keywords.


  • Multiple pricing option (Monthly/Lifetime)
  • No functionality restrictions based on plans
  • Clean and user friendly interface
  • Kw competitiveness calculator
  • Cloud based - Fast processing speed
  • Whitelabel report and API access at any pricing package
  • Convenient bulk check for kw difficulty and link analysis
  • Added YouTube Research (Beta)
  • Responsive support ticket


  • Daily quota
  • No Ahrefs integration
  • Limited capacity for rank tracker
  • Sometimes keyword analysis won't load properly
  • Few more bugs need to be ironed out
  • Slight delay when switching tabs

Improvements I would Like to See


  1. Integration of AHREFS  (Dan told me they might integrate it in the future)
  2. Change to monthly credits
  3. Ability to add own URL in keyword research


  1. Analyze top 20 results
  2. Increase rank tracking limits for each pricing option
  3. Live chat support

Pricing Table





Monthly Pricing




Lifetime Pricing




Daily Keyword Difficulty Analysis




Daily Research Searches




Compare & In-Depth Analysis




Results Per Search

Up to 1000

Up to 1000

Up to 1000

Exact Domain Check




Rank Tracker Keywords




Rank Tracker URLs




Create Lists & Filtering




White Label Reporting




API Access




FREE ​5 research and 50 difficulty analysis credits



Overall this is a great product, but there are still a few bugs need to be ironed out. Other than that, it gets the job done fairly quickly and it saves me a lot of time on kw research. It seems that Dan is constantly adding new features to keysearch (newest was YouTube research), I believe it would get better overtime and become the mainstream keyword research tool.

There's a free trial with ​5 research and 50 difficulty analysis credits, why don't you give it a try now and let me know what you think? Simply leave a comment below, I'd love to hear your opinions too!

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